Zambezi River

Experience the gifts of the king of rivers, one of Africa’s greatest wonders through the wonderful activities such as sunset cruise, dinner cruise, sunrise cruise at the upper Zambezi. Even more activities which include jet boat, fishing safaris, bird watching and many more. We offer a wide array of aquatic bird life including the half collared king fisher,broad tailed whydah, white browed coucal ,african finfoot, black egret and osprey etc.

Birder’s paradise

A Seculuded track along the Zambezi river where a wide spread of birds species coming in and out e.g terrestrial bulbul, Jameson’s fire finch, broad billed roller and shallows Turuco etc.

Home of sunbirds

In a location next to birders paradise ,is a beautiful place to spot and view a variety of sun birds e.g colored sun birds, scarlet breasted sunbird etc.

Home of lesser jacana

A pond found in Victoria falls where the lesser jacana and little grabe are found with other interesting birds like the pygmy goose ,long toed lap wing etc.

Open woodland & garden Birds

drive and take a walk with our proffessional birder and get a close to your birds for identification and have the best photo e.g ground scrapper thrush


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